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Frequently Asked Questions

Can IMA recommend or provide a mediator for my case?

IMA is an association of mediators, and we do not recommend or provide mediators.  However, you can visit the “Find a Mediator” page on the IMA website to see a list of mediators who have attained IMA Certified Professional Mediator status.  

Can I join IMA even if I’m not a mediator?

Yes!  You can join IMA as a general member for only $45 per year.  Students taking 6 credit hours or more per semester are eligible for an IMA student membership at $15 per year. 

What are the requirements to be a mediator in Idaho?

There are no State licensing or certification requirements to work as a mediator, and you don’t have to be an attorney!  In fact, some of the most successful mediators are non-attorneys. However, to be placed on the Idaho Supreme Court and local district court mediator lists for possible court-appointed assignments, a non-attorney mediator must have attained IMA Certified Professional Mediator status.

How do I get started in the field of mediation? 

The best way to start is by taking a basic mediation course. You can follow up with advanced or specialty training to improve your knowledge.  Private course providers and many colleges and universities (including Boise State University) offer basic and advanced mediation training.  

Where can I find mediation training?

IMA does not provide training, but IMA publishes a calendar of training offered by private course providers on its Resources and Training website page.  Click on the course link to see contact and registration information for each course.  Many colleges and universities, including Boise State University, also offer mediation coursework.

How can I get mediation practice hours?

If you know a practicing mediator, ask if you can observe or co-mediate some cases.  Contact your local court or community mediation program to find out about volunteer opportunities.

What courses does IMA accept for CPM status?

IMA Certified Trainings – IMA automatically accepts the courses on this list (also marked with a “*” on the IMA Training Calendar): IMA Certified Trainings 1.1.23.pdf

BSU Coursework:  IMA automatically accepts the 3-credit Basic Mediation course in “live” format, the BSU 3-credit Negotiations course, the 1-credit Restorative Justice Mediation workshop, and the 1-credit Facilitating Groups in Conflict workshop.  (NOTE:  The BSU 390 Conflict Management course cannot be accepted for CPM status.)  For consideration of other BSU courses, kindly submit a transcript and a course outline for each course with your CPM application.

For all other coursework not referenced above, submit a course completion certificate or transcript, together with the course outline, for each course.  Basic mediation courses must be a minimum of 40 hours and conducted in “live” or contemporaneous online format.  Specialized mediation training can be provided in either live or online format.  NOTE:  Conferences and CLE credits are typically not accepted for CPM status.

What if I took my mediation training a long time ago?

Good news – IMA will accept a basic mediation course for CPM status taken at any time as long as it is a minimum of 40 hours and offered in “live” format.  The 40 additional hours of mediation training must have been completed within the four years prior to CPM application.  You must provide a course completion certificate and a course outline for any course not certified or pre-approved by IMA.  

If I have completed the BSU Conflict Management Certificate, do I automatically qualify for CPM status?

IMA does not offer automatic CPM status for BSU certificate holders.  Applicants must fulfill all criteria listed on the CPM application form, including 60 hours of mediation case practice and submission of simple and complex mediation agreements, in addition to the training requirements.  Due to the changing nature of the BSU dispute resolution program over the last several years, you should contact IMA about acceptance of current BSU course offerings.

What if I have questions or need help applying for my CPM?

Contact the IMA Administrator with any questions you have about CPM status or the application process. Email admin@idahomediationassociation.org, or call (208) 855-0506 for assistance.  Additionally, IMA maintains a list of Certified Professional Mediators who have volunteered to serve as mentors to help you through the CPM application process.  See the names of CPM Applicant Mentors in the member directory.

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