Continuing Education Requirements

CEU Application

In order to remain an IMA Certified Professional Mediator, CPMs must obtain at least 20 hours of acceptable CEUs every two years. CEUs may be obtained in three (3) major areas of study:

  1. Mediation
  2. Other dispute resolution topics, such as conflict management, arbitration, negotiation, interpersonal communication, conciliation, or facilitation
  3. Areas of specialization; for example, business law or accounting for a mediator practicing in business mediation

Once used for renewal of CPM status, CEUs are “spent” and may not be reused or applied to future or past reporting periods. CEUs must be completed within the reporting period for which they are requested. The Committee may, upon request of an applicant and for good cause shown, expand the two-year reporting period or apply CEU credit from one reporting period to another.

Upon approval of a CEU application, the Administrator will note the number of CEUs approved, together with the due date of the next required CEU approval, in the CPM member’s record in the membership database.

See the IMA Policies & Procedures for more specific information about obtaining and reporting CEUs.

How to submit CEUs:

Complete the CEU application form with the necessary attachments for your requested education. E-mail your CEU application to or mail one (1) copy of your CEU application to:

Idaho Mediation Association, P. O. Box 2504, Boise, ID  83701

Application documents will not be returned.

NOTE:  To submit for attending IMA conferences, provide the year(s) of attendance and sign and submit the form.  it is not necessary to include certificates of attendance for IMA conferences.


P.O. Box 2504, Boise, ID 83701

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