Certified Professional Mediator (CPM)

Interested in becoming a Certified Professional Mediator (CPM)? Below you'll find information on how to become qualified for and attain this distinction from the Idaho Mediation Association.

CPM Application Form

Mediation Case Practice Log

Applicants must have completed:

1.     A minimum of 80 hours of mediation training, to include:

      • 40 hour basic mediation course in live classroom format
      • 40 hours of additional mediation training taken within the four (4) years preceding the application;


2.     At least 60 hours of mediation case practice within the preceding four (4) years, with at least 30 of those hours as solo or lead mediator.  Documentation of mediation case practice experience must include dates and actual hours in mediation. *Observation of a mediation does not count as case practice.

3. Simple Memorandum of Understand/Mediated Agreement and Complex Memorandum of Understanding/Mediated Agreement.


1. IMA Membership.  If you are not already either a student or general member, you must first join IMA.  Visit the IMA website at idahomediationassociation.org and follow the prompts on the website to join and pay the membership fee online. 

2. Application Form.  Submit the CPM application form with ALL required attachments. Be sure to fill out the form completely, and carefully check that you have included all information requested on the application form. 

E-mail your CPM application in PDF format to admin@idahomediationassociation.org.  You must submit your application electronically. 

3. $100 CPM Application Fee.  Upon receipt of your electronic submission, the IMA Administrator will prepare an invoice for the application fee.  The invoice will be added to your member account, and you can pay online by logging in to the IMA website.  After login, click the link to the invoice on your account.  Next, click the “pay with a debit or credit card” button at the very bottom of the Paypal screen and follow the prompts. Be sure to complete your payment and obtain a receipt.  In the alternative, you can mail a check to IMA at P. O. Box 2504, Boise, Idaho 83701. 

IMA Policies and Procedures: Certification fees will be set forth in the Schedule of Dues and Fees approved by the Board of Directors as part of the annual budget. All application fees are non-refundable and must be paid in full prior to Committee review of the application. 

The Standards & Practices Committee meets in January, May, and October to review all applications received by the 15th of the meeting month.  The Committee will not consider incomplete applications or applications for which the fee has not been paid.  You will be notified in writing of the Committee’s decision.

Please contact the IMA Administrator at admin@idahomediationassociation.org if you have any questions about certification procedures or need assistance to complete the application or payment process.  

See the IMA Policies & Procedures for additional information on CPM status.



P.O. Box 2504, Boise, ID 83701

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