Mission Statement

IMA believes people are entitled to constructive and empowering relationships toward conflict. We are committed to achieving this mission by:

      • Being the voice of constructive conflict resolution in Idaho,
      • Educating, certifying, and supporting cooperative dispute resolution professionals, and
      • Promoting community awareness of constructive conflict resolution.

Who We Are

The Idaho Mediation Association (IMA) was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1983 to foster the advancement of mediation through education and professional development. Our mediator members practice in a variety of areas including family, business, environmental, government and workplace. Some of our members have attained Certified Professional Mediator (CPM) status by completing additional training and demonstrating competency in the field of mediation.

History of Idaho Mediation Association

In 1983, three social workers — Patricia Crete Brown, Dick Butcher, and Paul Evers — signed Idaho Mediation Association’s articles of incorporation. The organization’s goal was “to promote the growth and development of non-adversarial and participatory forms of dispute management” in Idaho.  

IMA was formed as a nonprofit, interdisciplinary organization focused on the shared goal of helping people come to agreed resolutions of their disputes. As it grew, IMA assumed responsibility for the quality control aspect of dispute resolution by promoting mediation through education and professional development. In 1987, IMA, borrowing from the 1984 AFCC Model Standards, developed standards of practice. In 1993, its Board of Directors undertook a significant project to advance the practice of mediation in Idaho and nationwide. They created the credentialing committee, chaired by Bayard Gregory, which developed a professional certification program and a grievance procedure.  Since then, Washington, Montana, and New York have adopted IMA's certification process.

IMA awarded its first Certified Professional Mediator designations in 1994.  To date, over 380 individuals have been certified as Certified Professional Mediators with IMA. IMA has continued to maintain its interdisciplinary focus and remains on the cutting edge of mediation issues in Idaho.

Learn more: History of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Idaho.pdf



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