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Get in the habit of immersing yourself in positive thoughts throughout each day.  It neurologically refreshes your brain and stimulates motivation circuits.  It also generates the release of the pleasure chemical dopamine which reduces anxiety and depression.  You will notice that you will be more productive without as many worries or the desire to procrastinate. Savor every achievement and smile with every little success.  You’ll discover that in just ONE day you will better be able to focus on your goals and progress instead of on failures and fears.


If you want to change a behavior or develop a new skill, Nobel prize winning Eric Kandel discovered that it doesn’t matter if we are a person or a snail.  The answer is repeated training interspersed with periods of rest.  When you practice a new behavior whether it be optimism, focus, etc or want to master a new skill, only a few days of repeated exposure will form neurological habits that will last for weeks.  The secret is the frequent relaxation breaks during the learning curve.  While you take these breaks, mindfully reflect on your goal, desire and progress.

To be more specific, simply pick a new behavior on which you would like to work (ie: eating healthier, listening better, procrastinating less, etc).  Write down the goal – this affects our brain differently than simply thinking about it and makes us more likely to succeed.  Commit to four days – only FOUR! – of 20 minutes of conscientious practice.  After practice, close your eyes, yawn a few times and slowly stretch.  Your brain needs these periods of rest “to establish long-term memory”.  This is one reason that cramming for a test overnight is largely ineffective.  Special note:  Once you have learned a new skill, it will fade away after a few weeks if you don’t continue to use it.  Want to learn more about this?  Eric Kandal has several books out including a new one titled, “Learning and Memory



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