IRCP 16(j) & 16(k) get a new home!

09/17/2015 5:18 PM | Kirk Hunter

Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure (IRCP) 16(j) and 16(k) have been relocated to the Idaho Rules of Family Law Procedure (IRFLP) Rule 602 and 603 respectively.  A few years go a group of Judges and Attorneys advocated for having dedicated family law rules as other states do.  The Idaho Rules of Family Law Procedures were developed with the Supreme Court approval, and then piloted in Ada County.  No changes to the text of 16(j) were made when it was transferred to IRFLP 602.  IRCP 16(k) was moved to IRFLP 603 with three changes: Time frame for selecting a mediator and commencing mediation; Attorneys excluded from mediation unless at the request of the mediator or ordered by the court; Details that must be included on lists/rosters distributed by the Supreme Court.  It might be worthwhile to familiarize yourself with these changes.



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