2020 IMA Board of Directors Election Timeline:

  • ·         September 8th – Call for nominations
  • ·         October 16th – Close nominations for vetting
  • ·         October 24th to 31st – Voting
  • ·         November 16th – Board of Directors meeting and announce to membership soon after

In accordance with our Bylaws we would like to announce the opening of nominations for the 2020 election for IMA Officers and Directors. In this election we will elect a President, a Secretary and three Directors to serve on the Board for two years commencing December 1, 2020. Bylaws of the Idaho Mediation Association Inc.pdf

Voting in the election will be from October 24th – 31st, 2020


        Carol Barkes, CPM

Carol is a neuroscience-based conflict resolution professional, mediator, speaker and best-selling author with a wide variety of experience.  She served as the Mediation Director for Idaho’s Fourth District Court, is an ADR Advisor to the Department of Homeland Security/FEMA, an adjunct professor for BSU and CSI, and is a sought after keynote speaker with a thriving private practice. In Idaho, she has worked with Winco, HP, Micron, US Forest Service, Kount, National Park Services, Bureau of Reclamation, Canyon County Highway District, National Interagency Fire Center and many more.  She has spoken at the United Nations and is regularly seen on Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and quoted in a wide variety of publications.   In 2018, she co-authored a book, Success Breakthroughs, with Jack Canfield, known for authoring the Chicken Soup for the Soup Book Series and was a 2019 Idaho Woman of the Year.  Her husband, Leland, son, Christopher and her many friends and family round out her life and she enjoy spending time camping, hiking, scuba diving, traveling and cooking.


       Jennifer Neermann, CPM

Jennifer has been engaged in Mediation since 2007.  She is a Certified Professional Mediator and is on the on the Idaho Supreme Court roster for Child Custody mediators.

Mediating people’s conflict is her passion. Facilitating conversations to encouraging people to get passed their conflict and move forward creating an obtainable plan is her joy. 

She serves the Seventh Judicial District as the Small Claims Mediation coordinator and is the current president of the Grand Teton Mediation Association. She is delighted to come along side of the excellent Mediators of the Idaho Mediation Association to promote all things mediation across the state.

Jen has a long history in art as a faux finish painter, muralist and art instructor for a paint and sip business.  Her work includes murals on university basketball court floors, ocean murals, and themed rooms throughout the city and surrounding area. She has also participated in snow sculpture exhibitions for several years. 

Ms. Neermann is a native of Arizona and has lived in Idaho for 20 years.


    Matthew Arriaga

Matt has an Assoc. of Arts in Communications from Ventura College. He graduated from the 4 month prestigious SCMA Mediation Mentorship program training with some of the nations best mediators. He has been a full time mediator since 2016 & will complete his 1000th mediation in 2020. One of ~70 mediators selected to the Ca. Dept. of Ins. RFQ Home, Auto & EQ mediator panel.Ventura County Superior Court Mediation panel for Pro-per & Party pay civil limited/unlimited. Small claims supervisor for 2 courts & 75 mediators. He has a very broad range of mediation settlement expertise.

                                                       Brooke Brourman

Brooke Brourman is an Idaho native and Boise-based small business owner providing mediation services. She graduated cum laude from Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, where she earned a Juris Doctor degree. Brooke returned to Boise in 2008 to raise her family and to work in the Idaho Legislative Services Office. During her career as a Principal Legislative Drafting Attorney, Brooke wrote legislation covering a myriad of subject matter, including family law and child protection. In 2019, Brooke left the legislature to follow her passion for conflict resolution and mediation.

                    Jillian Landis   

Jillian is a family mediator who practices in Boise, Idaho. Jillian has 12 years of experience working in the mental health field as a social worker and has her bachelors in criminal justice, with a minor in psychology. During her time working with the mentally ill and vulnerable populations, Jillian learned many conflict resolution and crisis intervention skills, which have ultimately drawn her to the field of mediation. Jillian also practices as a life coach and specializes in relationships and self-worth.

Jillian's passion for relationship health, strong communication skills, and empowerment, have created a desire to use meditation as a means to encourage peaceful dispute resolution. Jillian currently serves as a domestic mediator, in the areas of marriage, divorce, custody, guardianship, adoption, and property division. Jillian is very satisfied to be able to provide a more peaceful means of navigating divorce and other highly emotional conflicts, through mediation. Jillian's style of mediation is a narrow, facilitative approach, which means she addresses specific, measurable problems, with a neutral method, allowing her clients to dictate the outcome.

                            Jennifer Poole, CPM

Jennifer Poole has been mediating and training in various types of mediation since 1996 and has been adjunct faculty for Boise State's Dispute Resolution Program since 1999. Jennifer serued on IMA's Board 2013-20L4 and is a member of the Training and Continuing Ed Committee. She will receive her Masters Degree in Dispute Resolution in May 2021.

                                                           Maria-Elena (Malena) Schubin

MA in Crim Just from BSU w/ Cert. Conflict Mgmt 2018 & MA Public Admin. from MIIS w/ Cert. Gender & Development 2000

Avanza Mediation (Custody; Eldercare; Eldercaring Coordination) -owner & mediator (Eng/Span). Intern for FCS Ada County 2017; Mediated for Small Courts/Eviction Court - Ada County since 2015 (Intern);

Worked for Int. Organization 1999-2004 (Peacebuilding - Macedonia; Trafficking of Women in the Balkans -Serbia; Trafficking of Children -Haiti; Street Children - Dom. Rep.); Researched Armed Violence/Trafficking of Weapons in Central America/Mexico CNS MIIS California -1998-20





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